From € 65.7 !!!

Starting at € 65.7, it’s hard to get lost!
Low fuel consumption (comparable to conventional tourism) to go on vacation in a van equipped, without leaving your wallet!

Where can I park the Van ???

To park you can park anywhere where you are allowed to park a car, but without taking anything out of the vehicle, or awning, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact the tourist information point of the town that you visit or consult the specialized pages for your nocturnal stages.

Revive the myth of the sixties!

MallocaVan Volksawagen T4 converted, is the reissue of the famous hippie vans of the 60s. You know! Completely redesigned in terms of design and comfort, the Multivan has not lost its charm, and makes your Camper vacation even easier and more comfortable.

Follow the path and relive the best moments of the yéyé myth, taking your family or friends along the paved roads of Mallorca! Thought for a trip as a couple or family, the Volkswagen T4 multivan has more than one trick in its bag to promise a dream vacation in MallorcaVan.

In Mallorcavan, we do everything possible to ensure that the rental of your camper is perfect. All interior fittings are made to measure, allow you to optimize the space inside the truck and make the most of your stay.

The rental process is really simple

Choose the vehicle

You just have to choose the vehicle that you like the most and see if it is available on the dates you are interested in.
Make the reservation

Book the van and a confirmation will arrive in a few hours.
Enjoy the trip

Finally, you will only be able to enjoy the trip and to return to assess the vehicle, in this way you will help other users when making a decision as to which vehicle to rent.


It is definitely a good way to organize and enjoy a different trip

What is the bond ???

The deposit is the security deposit that is delivered directly at the time of the collection of the vehicle, it will be paid on the day of departure, before the delivery of the keys. The deposit is € 600 and will be paid in cash.

The deposit will be delivered in cash, this deposit allows to cover possible internal damages made by the traveler during the rental (for example: broken dishes, damaged table, cleaning, etc.) as well as any sum owed to the owner.

If no anomaly is found on return * The full bond will be returned to the travelers after checking the status of the vehicle on the day of return. In case of receiving a fine later, MallorcaVan will claim and inform the traveler.
If there are damages found upon return * The deposit is kept until the amount of the repairs to be made is known. The budget will be given to the traveler as soon as possible, the refund of the unused amount, if it exists, will be made by bank transfer.
The compensation in case of lack of fuel, will be paid in hand always the day of return.

What is the franchise ???

The franchise corresponds to the amount that the traveler must pay if, during the rental, an incident occurs for which he is responsible or without an identified third party.

Used for exterior damage (bodywork, window breaks, bumpers …). An insurance franchise is applied according to the rule “an incident = a franchise”.

How does the insurance work?

When a reservation is confirmed by online payment on our website, we insure the vehicle with the associated insurance.

The traveler will be covered by insurance for the days of the rental period.

What is the franchise reduction ???

MallorcaVan offers you the option of partial reduction of franchise, which allows you to reduce the amount of the franchise in the event of loss from € 1,200 to € 600 “with additional cost”, to to be able to enjoy the trip with more tranquility.

You can hire it at the time of your rental request, when confirming your reservation, or also after the confirmation and until the day before your departure. You just have to contact our customer service, by email to secure@mallorcavan.com

Should I subscribe to another insurance ???

When you make a rental on our page, we take care of subscribing the associated insurance. You will only have to send us the necessary documents and we will take care of everything.

* list of necessary documents:

Your ID;
the two sides of your driver’s license.
a recent residence receipt.

What to do in case of breakdown or immobilization of the vehicle after an incident ???

Report by phone (SMS or call), We know the vehicle and can provide you with information that may be useful.

Contact roadside assistance at the number indicated on the insurance certificate, indicate if it is a fault and provide the vehicle registration number and the policy number that appears on the insurance certificate. If the vehicle can be repaired quickly, the assistance will help (if it is not necessary) a search will be made in a nearby perimeter where repairs will be carried out. After them, you can continue your trip. If the vehicle can not be repaired, roadside assistance will inform you of the stages you will have to follow. If you leave the vehicle, remember to leave it in the best possible condition. Take pictures of the interior and exterior of the vehicle and complete the vehicle status control form.

Notify MallorcaVan by e-mail to seguro@mallorcavan.com

Regarding the cost of repairs, everything will depend on the responsibility, which will be determined after the study of the file by a qualified technician. Our team will inform you of the procedure that will be followed.

What amount do I have to pay in case of an accident ???

If you are responsible for one or several damages that have taken place during the rental, you have the obligation to pay the cost of the repair under the presentation of a quote or an invoice. The maximum amount that you will have to pay will be equivalent to the amount of the franchise or the applicable franchises; while the minimum amount will correspond to the cost of the repair.
In case of damage (s) caused to the vehicle, you must inform by phone and complete the vehicle status control form at the time of the return. You must indicate the damage or damage caused during the rental. Next, we will ask you to declare the damage at the time of delivery.

Toggle title

Garden Area



Width and height equivalent to those of an SUV or conventional tourism, to access everywhere without worrying about the height of the bridges and parking or underground parking.

Cleaning and fuel

1. Fuel: It will be delivered with the full deposit and will be returned in the same state, the ticket will be provided from the service station. In the case of absence of fuel, € 20 per absentee band will be paid, plus € 20 for services.
2. Cleaning: – dirty exterior surcharge € 40. – dirty interior surcharge € 60, It has to be returned with the same conditions as the delivery.

What happens in case of breakdown or incident ???

In case of breakdown, you can contact directly the assistance of the insurance contracted for your rental, or contact directly with the assistance phone of MallorcaVan.

In case of an accident that does not impede the movement of the vehicle, the traveler must contact MallorcaVan as soon as possible. At the return of rent, they will write down damaged elements in the vehicle status file.

In case of a responsible accident or without an identified third party that needs insurance intervention, you must contact MallorcaVan directly by email: secure@mallorcavan.com or by phone . Next, you will be informed of the process to follow.

Match dates

This reminder is to indicate that in case of coincidence of requested dates, with requests from other travelers, the first traveler who makes the booking confirmation will have the vehicle.

What services are free in MallorcaVan?

The search for a vehicle is completely free at MallorcaVan and does not involve any commitment until you confirm the rental. To complete the reservation, you will only have to make the payment securely online.

The rental price indicated on the page is the total price, without any additional charge. The total budget includes:

the remuneration of the rented vehicle;
the cost of insurance and dedicated assistance included in the rent.


Power steering, auto-radio Interior accessories, made entirely for the van.
All our Volkswagen trucks are equipped with everything you need. The vehicle is equipped with, sheets, pillows, refrigerator, outdoor and indoor table, set of outdoor chairs, umbrella, camping Gas, folding sink, sink cabinet, coffee maker, kitchen set and cutlery, 50 liters of water.

Pick up airport / ferry

Pick up at the airport or ferry is € 100, those collected on weekends or holidays, have a surcharge of € 25 per day not working, can only be delivered or collected, so individual has a cost of € 75, For any questions or questions do not hesitate to contact you


End-of-stay cleaning
Young driver insurance – 25 years old
Unlimited mileage
Baggage storage (free)
Vehicle parking (free)
Transfer from the maritime stations or airport (check prices)

What conditions must I meet in order to rent a vehicle?

Be at least 25 years old;
Hold a B permit for 3 years.
The rental payment must be processed through the secure payment page of MallorcaVan.
It is forbidden to sublet the rented vehicle.

What's the price ???

The price includes:
The vehicle, the accessories and the complete equipment of a vehicle, all risk insurance with franchise hired 1,200 €, reservations over 6 days, no extras , 24h assistance, unlimited mileage, one parking space for your vehicle.

How to know if you have the vehicle safe ???

The receipt is proof that the rent is insured. Remember that insurance can not be contracted without the documents being sent. If you have not received your receipt within 72 hours before departure, please contact us so that we can solve the problem hola@mallorcavan.com.

Outdoor Accessories

Camping package
Outdoor dining kit
Outdoor table
Outdoor chairs
Gas stove

Difference between Bond and Franchise ???

Both the bond and the insurance franchise serve to compensate for possible damages.

The insurance franchise is used for external damages: corresponds to the amount paid by the traveler in case of loss during the rental.

The deposit is for damage to the vehicle not covered by the insurance (internal damage, for example: dirty seats, broken dishes, etc.) as well as any sum owed to the owner if they exist defects in the vehicle with respect to the initial state that appears in the rental agreement. Likewise, it can be used to cover the amount of the insurance franchise if necessary or lack of fuel.

### Pick-up options ###

Guidance prices from airport to Manacor:

Aerotib bus / Manacor airport € 16 per person round trip

Taxi airport / Manacor € 50 each way

Train: Palma / Manacor 7.5 € per person round trip, plus the airport bus / Palma € 10 round trip, per person.

Pick up at the airport or ferry and delivery € 100. I am waiting for answers, any questions contact and we will help you.

What are the means of payment accepted ???

The payment of your rent is made by card from the control panel through the system of the platform or by bank transfer. You have to pay the rent with a bank card. Only payments made with a VISA or MASTERCARD card are accepted. We also accept VISA Electron. Other means of payment such as checks, cash, virtual cards or American Express are not allowed.

The data of your card will be kept for 1 month, from the date the rental ends, for the possible payment of the insurance franchise in case of a responsible incident or with a third party unidentified during the rental.


By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to make proper use of the van.
A security deposit is required for the reservation.
Our reservation and quotation system is secure.
Amounts shown include VAT.

Cleaning and gasoline

Gasoline and cleaning,: – Se delivery with a full tank and returned with a full tank and with a gas station ticket. – exterior cleaning if it is returned dirty € 30 – interior cleaning if it is returned dirty € 50 It has to be returned with the same conditions as the delivery.


The essentials included in the van:

Cutting board
Ladle, Spatula, Spoon
Home accessories
Broom and dustpan.
Paper bin.
Cleaning kit (detergent, sponge, garbage bag)

Other accessories:
Insulating and opaque curtains.
Picnic table
Camping chairs
Rechargeable camping lamp
Security triangle
Safety vest

Equipament Van

Van equipment, sheets, pillows, camping Gas, foldable sink and sink cabinet, exterior dutxa, kitchen set and cutlery, 25 liters of water.

If I receive a fine or infraction, who pays this amount?

If the MallorcaVan receives a fine or infraction during your rental, it is up to you to pay the amount, since you were the driver of the vehicle during the rental. In the case of a traffic ticket: at the time the owner receives the penalty, he has 20 calendar days to present a claim.If you refuse to pay the amount of the fine, MallorcaVan can transmit your data to the competent authorities together with a copy of the rental agreement. We advise you to inform MallorcaVan at the time of the return of the vehicle, if you are aware of the penalty. At that time, do not forget to provide the driver’s license number that matches the ID number; If you have not previously provided it so you can claim the fine.

In case of a fine for not having paid a toll:

Expenses derived from, ecotax, etc .; They are not included in the rental price and they flow to your account.

If the MallorcaVan receives a notification of these sanctions, the owner or our Customer Service team will ask you to settle this debt with a credit card payment, under the presentation of an invoice or a proof of the sanction.

Technical area

Volkswagen T4:

2 seats in the front passenger compartment with belts.
4 seats in rear passenger seats.
5-cylinder engine.
5-speed manual transmission.
Diesel fuel
Mixed highway consumption 6.1L / 100k

Kitchen area

Sink with reserve of 20 L of clean water and electric pump
Crockery and kitchenware
Kitchen cabinet
Tableware set
Extra bed for children (subject to availability)
Infant seat
Baby seat
Bedding package
Bed pillows
Lighter sockets
Interior curtains
Driver / bedroom passenger compartment curtain

What is the 3DSecure payment?

To pay your rent in Mallorca, you must do it through your online bank card. To reinforce the security of the payment, your bank sends you a secret code directly to your mobile. This secret code is essential to complete the payment.This shows that you are the author of the application and that you are responsible for the payment.

If your payment fails due to 3DSecure, contact your bank to solve it.

Shower area

Outdoor shower
WC (optional)

I have to check the vehicle's condition ???

You have to fill out a card checking the condition of the vehicle before and after each trip. In case of accident, it is one of the written tests that the insurance will take into account. Without this document completed and signed by both parties, you will not be entitled to any compensation.To help you with this stage, we provide you before each lease with a rental agreement with a card to check the status of the vehicle.

Match of dates

dates coinciding with requests from other travelers , the first traveler to make the reservation and payment will have the vehicle.

Who can drive the vehicle ???

A single person is declared as the main driver and matches the person making the reservation on the platform. We need the ID, proof of address and the driver’s license to subscribe to the rental insurance.

If another person wishes to drive, it is mandatory that you write your name and information in the space provided for this purpose in the contract. It is necessary that the documents of the second driver be added.

Sleeping space

Spacious bed (130 x 190), ideal for a couple, and the ability to sleep up to 3 people.

Travel reservation

Travel by van can be done in many ways, choose your options, choose the dates of your stay and start a adventure with our vans.

Pick-up points

MALLORCAVAN offers several possible starting points. You can leave the airport, Marítimas de Alcudia or Palma de Mallorca stations, or our facilities in Manacor.

Do I have to clean the vehicle? Do I have to measure the levels?

Except in exceptional cases, remember to throw away the wastewater, fill the tank with clean water and fill the fuel tank. Give it back as clean as when you leave: think of the next travelers. The cleaning stage will allow you to check that you have not forgotten anything: sheets, games or any personal effect you have with you. In case of external dirt and / or h in the delivery of the vehicle, a compensation for the cleaning can be withheld from the guarantee deposit (bond), according to the clauses indicated in condition.

Fuel ???

The cost of fuel is not included in the rental price. Therefore, you have to refill the gas tank whenever it is necessary to take advantage of your rent and return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as at the time of delivery.

If the vehicle has not been delivered with a full tank before the rental, mark it on the vehicle’s condition sheet in the space provided. You will return it with the same fuel level.

What do I have to do to prepare my trip?

Do not forget your personal documentation and the documents for your rental:

Your driving license and DNI
The rental contract with the vehicle status control sheet
Proof of rental insurance
your bags!

Do not forget to verify that it includes:
Necessary bedding: sheets, blankets, pillows …
Kitchen utensils: plates, glasses, cutlery, …

We recommend preparing your holiday itinerary in advance: this way you will not miss any important place and you will know where to park for the night.

How does the payment work ???

To confirm your reservation, the traveler has to make the payment securely by bank card or bank transfer through the page.To make the payment, you will receive an email confirmation of rent that has the title “Your reservation request has been accepted by MallorcaVan”.
You will have to indicate your bank card number, the expiration date and the cryptogram.
Once your card details are validated, you will be directed to the page of your bank where they will ask you for a secret code. This additional security is called 3DSecure: your bank sends you a secret code by text message, or email or audio message (according to the parameters defined with your bank).
Insert the code.
You can read “successful payment” on your screen.

If the payment has failed, see the article “What to do if my payment has failed?”

How to get an invoice?

You can request the invoice once the trip is finished. issued in the name of the holder of the reservation.Note: so that we can make your invoice you must have paid the rent.

Why have not I received the documents for my trip?

We will send you the rental documents once the following terms:

– Confirmation and payment of your reservation;

– Validation of all the documents that we have requested.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have not received these documents within 72 hours before the rental start date.

Is the payment secure?

Payment is totally safe, several proofs of this are:

A lock in your browser’s search bar.
An address of type https: //page.com.
A 3D Secure security system that reinforces confidentiality.
The amount is frozen in a secure account (virtual wallet dedicated to you).
All data transmitted to our bank and to our online payment service providers (MangoPay) are fully protected with SSL encryption, and no information is stored on our servers.
We do not have any access to your bank details or your money, so in the extremely unlikely event of hacking, you can not access this information.

With all these elements you can make your payments without any risk on our page, however, if it is the first time you make a payment online and you have questions, do not hesitate to ask your bank about 3D Secure, or about our Mango Pay service provider.

Can I pay the owner directly instead of paying on the page?

No, to confirm your rent you have to make the payment through the page. It is the only way to carry out the insurance process.

What do I do if my payment has failed?

There may be several reasons for payment failure. Here we show you a list of possible solutions:

You have made a mistake by filling in the numbers on your card → try again.

The limit of your card is not enough → contact your bank.

You have reached the limit of the card → contact your bank.

3DSecure is not activated on your card → contact your bank.

Your card does not support online purchases → contact your bank

You have taken too long to enter the 3DSecure secret code → try again.

You made a mistake indicating the 3DSecure code → try again.

You have closed your browser too soon (before reaching the end of the process) → try again.

The expiration date is too close → contact your bank and the customer service MallorcaVan.

The Yesmap page encountered an error → try again and contact the customer service of MallorcaVan.

You try to pay with a pre-paid card, Maestro or American Express → contact the customer service of MallorcaVan.

I'm not a Spanish national, can I rent anyway?

Our insurance covers European and non-European residents. The conditions that must be respected are those of the insurance of the country in which the vehicle will be rented.

Likewise, we will need you to send us the NIE or passport before making the rent, so that our team can validate it.

How and where are the keys given?

On the day of departure, at the agreed time, the keys are delivered after:

Show your driver’s license (to check if you have it).
Check the vehicle’s condition.
Fill in the rental agreement
Know the vehicle: emptying gray water, measure the levels, perform some maneuvers (a parking lot for example) to get used to the size and always take into account the large dimensions.

MALLORCAVAN, specialist in van rental in Mallorca

MALLORCAVAN is a small family team that knows its work very well. In joy and good humor, the van trip has already begun! Discover the joys of the Van and travel Mallorca with total freedom. Mallorcavan offers an experience, a trip, an exchange and an adventure out of the ordinary.
Do not hesitate and go with your Van wherever you want, you also have the freedom not to limit yourself to a vacation and undertake an adventure in Van.

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